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Britek#FK5800B 5800w Fluorescent Lighting Kit
This powerful fluorescent lighting kit has many superb characteristics shared by other heavy duty fluorescent lighting kits and is equipped with a boom/light stand that provides overhead lighting. - Professional studio lighting Equipment Supplier

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Britek#FK3200 3200w Fluorescent Lighting Kit
This fluorescent lighting kit is an essential tool for studio photographers and is intended to be used indoor. The fluorescent lighting kit serves dual purposes that it can be used for film production as well as portrait photography.

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Britek#FK4000B 4000w Fluorescent Lighting Kit with Boom
The key feature of this fluorescent lighting kit is that it comes with highly durable, heavy-duty stands that can support a large light bank equipped with eight light sockets. - Professional Studio Lighting Equipment Supplier

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Britek#FK2300AIO 2300W All-in-One Fluorescent Light Kit
The fluorescent back light kit comes as standard equipment in this kit, which does not only eliminate shadows, but also makes the photos overall more dimensional and natural.

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Britek#FK2650 2650W Halogen light kit
Halogen lighting kits give you a mix of advantages of strobe and fluorescent systems. Similar to the strobe lighting kit, the halogen lighting kit is compact enough that you can easily relocate the kit to anywhere in a short period of time*.
Photography Studio Lighting Equipment Supplier

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