Morning Glory Reflector and Softbox

Linco Inc. introduces the Morning Glory series, a set of unique all-in-one multifunctional reflector, softbox and snoot used for single light holders. The Morning Glory series include highly reflective silver interior lining to achieve a high light efficiency. The use of the built-in drawstring allows easy transformation from reflector into snoot and also provides another convenient use – it allows the Morning Glory to be portable with the single light holder attached and the fluorescent bulb safely protected within. Linco Inc. has also included unique softbox elastic lining so you can transform your reflector into a softbox with ease.

The reason why we created the Morning Glory series here at Linco Inc. is so that customers can have a reflector, softbox and snoot in one, without the hassle of having to hull around each individual item. Although the effectiveness of the Morning Glory may not be as superior as having each individual item, it is more cost-efficient, convenient to transport and easy to use. Switch between reflector, softbox and snoot with ease and shoot away.
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